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5 Unexpected Locations of Mold Growth in Your Home

5 Unexpected Locations of Mold Growth in Your Home

Sneaky mold is more common than you’d think, and catching it before it gets out of control is very important.

Have you ever noticed the tell-tale funk of mold in your home but couldn’t find the source? Sneaky mold is more common than you’d think, and catching it before it gets out of control is very important. With the heat and humidity of summer on the rise catching mold before it gets out of control is vital to you and your family’s well being. Mold can proliferate, while it may start limited to one of these five unexpected places, by not treating the issue you may risk exponential growth. If you’re having a hard time finding and addressing a mold issue, call in experts like our team at Environmental Consulting, before you’re left with more of a mess than you can deal with.  


If you’ve let your chimney maintenance fall behind one of your first checks for mold growth should be here. The crevices between bricks are a perfect place for water to become trapped and breed nastiness. If the cap on your chimney has become faulty (through rust, or damage), rain might be let in, before you begin any cleaning be sure to have it replaced. To remove the mold and mildew and prevent build up your chimney should be cleaned annually by a professional.

Refrigerator Drip Pan

If you notice a bad smell coming from your refrigerator, but the interior is clean, your drip pan might be at fault. The drip pan is located in an unobtrusive spot underneath your fridge and often fills with moisture and food spills to create an ideal mold habitat. Fortunately, you need little more than some hydrogen peroxide, and a vinegar-soaked rag to deep clean it. Make sure to wipe the floor below it with your vinegar rag as well, and you’ll be good to go.

Washing Machines

All washing machines are a potential mold hazard if left closed between uses, but front-loading numbers are particularly at risk. Make sure to wipe down the rubber gasket around the door and the glass so that it is dry when closed. If you notice that the moldy scent lingers, run a hot water cycle with the machine empty and a hefty dose of chlorine bleach to kill off any fungi.

Air Conditioners

With all the dust, pollen, and moisture they grab out of the air, an air conditioner looks like a buffet to hungry fungi. To prevent mold from thriving in your home, be sure to run your AC at least once every 24-hour cycle. If mold has already grown, it’s time to call in professionals for a deep cleaning session. In a window unit, you will be able to clean the air conditioner yourself by flushing the coils and cleaning out the drain pan.

Window Seals and Sashes     

After a heavy rain, you might notice that the bottoms of your window sashes and seals may be a little wet even if they were closed. If left alone, this can grow mold just like any other moist surface. After each heavy rain, you should make sure to wipe down the window sashes and seals, potentially replacing panes if you notice extreme issues.

Call In The Experts At Environmental Consulting & Contracting Today

If you are concerned about moisture and the potential for mold growth in your home, call the professionals at Environmental Consulting and Contracting Group for any and all of your black mold questions. We have over 30 years combined experience in professional mold remediation and mold cleanup, so please rest assured that if there is a problem we will be able to tackle it. We offer our valued customers a lifetime guarantee against the return of mold growth because we are so confident in our work. Give us a call at 1-877-591-MOLD or visit us online  for more information. To learn more ways to combat mold growth in your home, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.

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