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2 Surefire Ways To Decrease Mold In Any Home

black mold

Eliminating mold from your home is easier than you think!

Mold growth can be a serious problem when left untreated. In fact, when mold begins to grow in any home it can lead to some serious health problems. As a result, it is imperative that homeowners take proactive steps towards reducing or eliminating any potential mold in their homes. Here are just some ways to reduce mold growth in any home!

Manage The Temperature Within The Home

Mold thrives in a warm and humid climate. In fact, simply by turning the air on during hot summer days and investing in a dehumidifier, you can significantly reduce your risk for developing mold. If you take these steps towards mold reduction, be sure to also change the air conditioner and dehumidifier filters frequently to ensure that they are working properly to decrease any chance of mold growth. However, if a home already has mold that has begun growing it is imperative that homeowners change the filters even more frequently than even recommended by the manufacturer. Ideally, having all appliances working optimally and at their highest efficiency is always the goal.

Consider Ventilating Kitchens And Bathrooms

As the two most common rooms for developing mold, kitchens, and bathrooms are prone to moisture. In fact, being mindful of the ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms is generally a good rule of thumb when it comes to preventing mold from growing in any home. On cooler days, homeowners can keep windows open to allow fresh air to filter into the home. In addition, if the air conditioner and dehumidifier are located far from these humid prone rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, it may be beneficial to install some extra units closer to these locations within a home to ensure proper ventilation.

Eliminate Mold Today With Environmental Consulting And Contracting Group

If you are concerned about moisture and the potential for mold growth in your home, call the professionals at Environmental Consulting and Contracting Group for any and all of your black mold questions. We have over 30 years combined experience in professional mold remediation and mold cleanup, so please rest assured that if there is a problem we will be able to tackle it. We offer our valued customers a lifetime guarantee against the return of mold growth because we are so confident in our work. Give us a call at 1-877-591-MOLD or visit us online  for more information. To learn more ways to combat mold growth in your home, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.


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