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Foundation and Structural Repair

Over time, the pressure and strength of water around your property can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation. As the base of all other structural elements to your home, it’s important to keep your foundation strong.

Whether your home’s foundation has been damaged by years of exterior water pressure, unbalanced settling or construction defects, we have the customized service that’s right for you.

  • epoxy crack injection
  • carbon fiber wall stabilization
  • helical and push piers
  • wall/floor replacement

At the Environmental Consulting and Contracting Group, we’ve seen it all.

We service:

  • block/poured foundation cracks
  • cracks in brick or stone
  • bowing/deflected foundation walls
  • residential and commercial properties
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Environmental Consulting and Contracting Group, Inc. is the area�s premier mold remediation firm servicing Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania. We offer mold removal, mold remediation/abatement, mold testing, flood restoration/emergency services, basement waterproofing and foundation/structural repair.
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