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The 3 Most Common Mold Danger Spot In The Home

mold growth

Mold can hide in various places causing harm for any home.

Unfortunately, mold growth is more common that most of us realize. In fact, mold growth is a common cause of allergies in children and adults alike. There are certain places within a home that mold tends to hide. Here are just a few of the more common spaces that mold will often be found in any home.

The Basement

Most homes have rooms that are built below ground. However, the closer you are to the ground the more you increase the chance of that space developing mold if it’s not properly ventilated or cared for. In fact, these rooms are generally a lot damper than the rest of the home and colder as well. This damp and chilly environment is a breeding ground for most dangerous mold to form and grow. As a result, inspecting the basement on a regular basis can do wonders for detecting or reducing your chance of developing mold in the first place.

The Bathroom

Another trouble spot that should not be all that surprising is bathrooms. Bathrooms are known to be some of the more moist places in any home. In fact, the atmosphere is typically damp within bathrooms due to the extensive showering, bathing, and hand washing that occurs there. As a result, it is imperative that homeowners make it a habit of disinfecting their showers and sinks on a regular basis in order to deter mold from growing in their homes.

The Attic

Talk about germs. The attic is another common haven for mold growth. In fact, the household mold is likely to grow inside your attic if it’s not regularly cleaned. Attics are typically known as a hotbed for mold growth.

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