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4 Tips for Preventing Carpet Mold

The best way to handle carpet mold is to first know what the causes for mold are.

Carpet mold is an absolute nightmare to have in your home. It is difficult to control and get rid of, especially because it is often not noticed until it is too late. That is why the way to combat carpet mold is mold prevention. It is far easier to stop the mold from growing in the first place than it is to get rid of after it is discovered, so consider these four easy tips to help with mold prevention in your carpet.

Know the causes

The best way to handle carpet mold is to first know what the causes for mold are. Mold prevention becomes easier once the potential causes are identified, then you can do your best to avoid the causes altogether and keep your carpet free of mold. Typically, the leading cause of mold is moisture, which is what enables mold to grow in your home.

Lower moisture levels

As said before, mold tends to thrive in moist environments. For the sake of mold prevention and avoiding carpet mold, lowering the moisture levels in your home can help. One of the most common ways that mold develops is through cracks and leaks found in your home. By frequently checking your home for these smaller issues, you can prevent larger issues from taking over your home and ruining your interior.

Clean your carpet

One of the best mold prevention tips for carpet mold is simply cleaning your carpet. By properly cleaning your carpet, you will be preventing moisture from building up and allowing mold to grow underneath your carpet. However you need to be careful when cleaning your carpet, to ensure that it is done correctly. To help with mold prevention, clean your carpet outside and allow the sun to help your carpet become as dry as possible. A wet-and-dry vacuum can also help keep your carpet dry and mold free.

Invest in a HVAC

If you truly desire to do all that you can to prevent carpet mold, then you may want to purchase a new HVAC system. High humidity levels and temperatures can contribute to mold growth, and an effective HVAC system will help keep both the humidity and temperature in your home low enough to help with mold prevention and avoiding any chance of carpet mold.

Mold Prevention And Mold Remediation From Environmental Consulting And Contracting Group

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